Bots with DiMaAg

A suite of tools that help apportion budgets and optimise spends using globally lauded mathematical and statistical methods to deliver improvement in ROI.

a. Pico Bot: A tool for Pico dicing the thin slices of Internet audience and optimising to get maximum ROI.

b. Khanik Bot: Deep Data Miner (Miner is english for 'Khanik') that uses fuzzy topsis to tirelessly mine through vast super volumes of data to pull out the jewel of an insight that puts your campaigns on the bleeding edge of marketing tech

c. PACBot (Predictive Analytics for Creative Bot): Optimises marketing budgets using fuzzy ANP to repeatedly question allocation across media and publications right down to the creative level.

d. HMM Bot: Hidden Markov Model based customer intent prediction tool based on behaviour on website.

e. CD Bot: Creative Director that analyses, comments and improves upon the creatives before they go live and constantly learns your audiences' preferences for future campaigns or optimisation of live campaigns.

TheDiMaAg explained in Animated Form